I love coming across truth in books, in nature, in scripture and in the people I meet. You know, if something is true, it is true anywhere and everywhere you find it. It doesn’t matter who says it or where you run across it. Truth is truth. I love that. I am amazed when I come upon truth as I walk in the woods (Richard Rohr calls nature, the first Bible), as I sit in my coffee shop reading a favorite author, as I listen to my grandchildren process their experiences, or as I listen to a friend as she grieves the loss of her loved one. But the hardest truth to hear is when it is spoken by someone who has hurt me or someone who is harsh or offensive in some way. And sometimes – and this actually amazes me every time – I’ll hear that difficult person speak a word of wisdom or insight. And then I remember that God is not bound by my judgments or perceptions. God is everywhere and in everything. And I love seeing Him in surprising places as I go through my day. But I would like to share with you some truths that a favorite author has shared. Ann Lamott, last year on her 61st birthday, wanted to write down and “share everything she knows, as of today.” Thanks Ann. Here are a few:

“Radical self care is quantum, and radiates out into the atmosphere, like a little fresh air. It is a huge gift to the world.”

“Families are hard, hard, hard. . . Earth is forgiveness school.”

“Grace: spiritual WD-40. . . . the movement of Grace is what changes us, heals us, and our world. “

“Laughter really is carbonated holiness.”

“You will worship and serve something – you gotta choose! . . . Emerson said that the happiest people on the earth are the ones who learn from nature the lessons of worship. So, go outside a lot and look up.”

“Exercise: if you want to have a good life (as you grow older) – you must walk almost every day. There is no way around this.”

“Death – wow – so f-ing hard to bear, when the few people you cannot live without die. You will never get over these losses and are not supposed to. . . . Their absence will also be a lifelong nightmare of homesickness for you.”

“All truth is a paradox. Grief, friends, time and tears will heal you. Tears will bathe, baptize and hydrate you and the ground on which you walk.”

And “If you walk away from the microwave while you are softening butter – you will forget and have a puddle of liquid and a big mess.” (ok, that one is mine).


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